Hi there!! This is Veggie num num, a little place that’s all about bringing together an essential collection of simple & delicious, easy & healthy vegetarian recipes for you to enjoy.

Veggie num num is for everyone; a place where vegetarianism is accessible to all people and where youโ€™ll find delicious inspiration for great veggie meals.

You’ll find basic and easy to understand information on vegetarian nutrition and diet. Plus support for vegetarians new and old and also those considering a vegetarian or even flexi-vegetarian diet.

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Hi, I’m Trudy, the veggie person behind Veggie num num. I live and cook by the seaside in beautiful South-east Queensland, Australia with my Husband Cam, our beautiful Daughter Luella and the fat tabby cat Ludo. We warmly welcome you to Veggie num num!!

I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years and absolutely adore vegetarian food, cooking and most importantly eating. Vegetarianism has had a profoundly positive effect on my life and I aim through Veggie num num to share just how easy, healthy and delicious being a vegetarian can be. I hope you’ll enjoy Veggie num num and find lots of delicious inspiration for enjoying vegetarian food!

Please Note: All nutritional information supplied on veggienumnum.com is as a guide only. I recommend anyone considering a change in diet to first consult a health care professional for further detailed advice & information.